Austin Swim Club believes in making better swimmers through a thorough progression in the development of talent. Swimming involves coordination, balance, flexibility, strength, and mental toughness to be successful. In other words, swimmers are athletes!

The progression of drills and training that Austin Swim Club incorporates into daily, weekly, seasonal and quadrennial planning will give every single swimmer the opportunity to improve. The more knowledgeable the swimmer becomes about his/her racing, the better it makes for a complete team environment as one's peers can prove to be great teachers.

Austin Swim Club is an IM-based program that incorporates a weekly training cycle that is coordinated over the course of a season with a functional dryland regimen. In addition, each swimmer will have opportunities in the form of individual instruction with video analysis and/or athletic training.

Our in-water goals are both team- and individually-oriented, and revolve around competing in USA Swimming sanctioned meets at the state, regional, national and international level. Goals for the swimmer can range from making finals at 'A' Championships to making finals at Olympic Trials.

We understand that young people explore different avenues as they seek out experiences to navigate their respective interests. But also please note that Austin Swim Club sees commitment as the best way to take advantage of opportunity.

We welcome you to our program.


Todd Foley
Head Coach/GM of Aquatics